Living room trends

The following trends would help you to change the ambiance of the most social room of your house. This 3 advises are currently on trend and is really easy to find the element is the decor shops all over the world. Remember that your house is a demonstration of your personality and style.

The wall

Most of the living rooms have a wall that could be the eye focus of the decor. It is the statement mode of the room. Using a wallpaper can bring color or movement and also set the ambiance. If you have this beautiful open spaces but want to separated rooms, you have a cool option that interior designers are using lately. This option is putting a glass or a shelving behind the main sofa.  And the biggest trend of all is hanging different sizes and color frames at different highs.

The cozy corner

This trend is really simple but requires a medium or large space. It is about having a cozy corner for reading or meditating. It is as simple as jus putting a cool chair and some lighting, or you can use it as a plant corner too.

The statement Sofa 

The traditional big couch is back! but now in bolder colors and textures. It is the base of your room and should be the reflection of your mood. Don’t be afraid of going too crazy with the color or print. This is the correct piece for be extravagant. But simplicity can be good too, you can choose a regualr sofa and complement it with fun cushions.


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