Overalls all over!

Yei! we can name Overalls the piece for spring. So versatile and timeless. There’s a lot of ways to pull them off and the best part of all it’s its comfort! If you are not a fan of the traditional denim one here you can have some options.

  1. For colder days. Yes, it is not just a piece that you can wear on spring or summer. You can definitely rock it during lower temperatures. Wear them with a thick turtleneck under and you can use a long coat and a pair of boots to make it even cozier. they are adjustable so you can actually have layers down and nobody is going to notice.

2. No just about denim: Nowadays the market is so huge that you can find them in different colors. For this spring summer, nude and pastels are going to be seen everywhere!

3. Textures and prints: As we keep saying it, overalls came this season with a twist, especially in textures. Stripes are going to lead the way. New textures are coming too.

4. Cuts cuts: yes! we are going to see some shorts or a subtle variation of this pieces, in addition to the other trends. The hotter the temperatures the shortest so the cuts are going to be everywhere. The overall classical shape is not as strong as in other seasons.


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