Outfits, inspiration​ for Spring summer!

Thanks God for the warmer days! Now that the temperatures are rising is time to get some shopping inspiration. Here you will find some of the trends for this season. we chose some key looks. This is our selection depending on your brilliant personality and fine taste. Hope you enjoy!

The minimalistic artist of simplicity

You like simple lines and classical pieces. Playing with volumes and basic colors is your key. You are attracted by simple silhouettes and a sense of liberty.

The printed out loud

You are all about color and extravaganza. You are the type of person that has just key items and stand out your outfit. This season is for you, the more the better and you know that.

The classical unconventional girl

You always try to play safe but with your own twist. Printed dresses and simple cuts are your musts of the season. For you accessories are everything!

The boho girl next door

Yes, your favorite season is summer, for the tan, the travel, and the boho. You have an interesting wardrobe and a great sense of style. You have the must amazing neutrals and all your friends think you are a stylish hippie.

What’s your favorite?



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