5 things you should have for spring|summer!

Ok, spring is already here! and besides the flowers, we have to start thinking about the season essentials. We have 5 things that are going to make your spring enjoyable.

1. Floral Dress: This styles comes in different versions and is really too easy for pulling it off. You just need your favorite kind of flower print or color print. Also is the start piece for summer! It could be short, maxi or midi. If you are not into prints you can choose a print! and also if you are not a fan or dresses, some printed pants or culottes are here for you!

2. Sunnies: yes the sun is out and we need some protection for our eyes! And yes oversized keeps being the king of the sunglasses. Different types of shades and frames are what’s trending.


3. Skin and hair protection: yes this is the boring part but is just a friendly reminder of the importance of taking care of our skin and hair. The sun is coming and we need protection even though if we want to have an amazing tan. Remember, sunblock, hair and lips protection.

4. Denim: Yes denim is here to stay. It is a statement piece for the season. You can choose if you want to wear a dress, pant, jacket or even head to toe! A good time is choosing a good one so you can wear it all year long.

5. Random accessories: yes! it is a trend. The weirdest the better! It is the statement piece of your outfit and is gooing to make a various heads turn. Just have fun, and enjoy the attention.



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