Top 4 favorite products for spring!

Hello there! as you might notice spring is finally here! and our skin and hair need a little pamper time to get over the winter. These 4 following products have been the remedy for the winter damage and the fun part is that you have access to all of them and they are not pricey! Hopefully, they would give you the extra glow that you need for starting right the season. ENJOY!

1.Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater by  Mario Badescu: we had no faith in this, thought it was just a marketing move on social media but the result is amazing. It is a really good toner, smells amazing and you can actually feel that something good is going on!


The brand has this tip for us: To give your makeup a dewy finish, spritz your favorite brush or sponge before blending in foundation or concealer. Once you’re done, mist your face as a final step to add radiance. For an extra refreshing and cooling boost, store the bottle in your refrigerator.

2. Ouai dry foam shampoo by Jen Atkin: This is just genius, what the market of dry shampoo needs it! is just too good to be true. We were shocked, is like washing your hair but easier. Cosmopolitan did a great article and the final conclusion was “This futuristic formula is basically the Kylie Lip Kit of hair products aka it’s gonna sell out fast AF, so do what you gotta do to get your hands on a bottle, stat”. Is hard to find it in France but thanks to the internet we did it.


3. Cookie & Body Ice Cream by It’s Skin: It is fo real a really good ice cream, wishing to be comestible. If your sking is currently damaged for the cold temperatures or it’s naturally dry this product is for you!!! according to the brand “Dunked full of cookie chips in a cream. Cookie & Body Ice Cream is rich in nutrients to nourish, refresh, and brighten rough hands and body. Featuring delicious scents and fun cookies and cream packaging to carry wherever you go, each body cream contains soft cookie chip pieces that melt when massaged—leaving skin soft and smooth but never greasy”. And yes it is worth it!


4.  Botanicals Fresh Care Streght Potion Coriandre: this is actually the potion your hair needs. It is one of the most natural products available now and also 100% reciclable. This hair line is amazing but this especific product is just unbeliabable. You can see the change right after washing it out. The smell is lovely and is for all types of hair. Coriander the main ingredient, has been used for centuries in traditional herbal medicinal products for it’s revitalizing power. The  seed oil used in this Strength source line will revitalize and fortify your hair from root to tip. You can actually take this magical bottle in your bag!


Do you have a product on mind that want us to riview? share with us your ideas!



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