Natural Hair masks

Finally the winter is almost over! i time to put your coats back in the wardrobe. But our hair is still in winter. Here you have 3 easy natural masks that would help your hair glow just in time for spring.



1. Nourishing hair mask
Mix half avocado that is very ripe and a banana (you can use the blender for a perfect combination), then add three tablespoons of honey and two small spoonfuls of almond oil. Apply from the tips to the root on dry hair and let it act for 20 minutes and play with plenty of cold water.

2. Silky Hair Mask
The softness says a lot about our hair. To achieve greater sediment, mix one cup of ripe strawberries, one glass of coconut milk, and four tablespoons of ground oats. If necessary, use the blender to get a better blend. Once it is ready, brush it all over the hair and let it act for 20 to 30 minutes. Then remove with plenty of cold water.

3.Mask for a natural shine
Dull or dull hair looks unhealthy. To improve this aspect is recommended the following preparation: in a bowl, mix a glass of natural yogurt, ten drops of lemon, and the white of an egg. Apply it throughout the hair avoiding direct contact with the root. Leave on for 30 to 40 minutes and rinse with plenty of cold water. When it is dry you will notice the results.


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