Vegan Beauty Recommendation

We are now obessed with Lush, a vegan/vegatarian beuty brand that has the most amazing products cruelty free!

The stores are amazing, really caring people helping you to choose. They have tons of line products and you can test them all. The really good thing that is a huge plus is the way they use their brand as social responsable no just for the way they handmade every product or that they are 100% vegetarian, they also have a charity and are involved in social movements.


Here you have some of their resolutions:

At Lush we love animals, since the beginning we’ve pioneered safe vegetable alternatives to animal fats in our soaps, moisturisers and other products. Lush products are made in alignment with the key values of the Vegetarian Society; in a controlled environment free from animal flesh, and we never test on animals. In fact, for the last 20 years we’ve fought alongside you and animal rights pressure groups to enforce EU wide anti animal testing legislation for the cosmetics industry and their suppliers. Through Lush Prize we also fund pioneering research to develop safe techniques that will put an end to animal testing in cosmetics.

All Lush products are made by hand, so we know exactly what goes in them. We use ethically sourced ingredients and our fresh fruit, vegetables and grains are free from genetically modified organisms (GMO). Where possible we source or invent sustainable alternatives to animal products. When we do use eggs, yogurt, honey products or lanolin (a naturally occurring wax from sheep’s fleece) we use the most sustainable and ethical versions be ingredients we can get our hands on. Read more


The products are just amazing, and the store expirience is priceless. If you love beauty products and want to try something 100% ethical this brand is for you!


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