Spring Makeup Trends

We have the ultimate makeup guide that will make you feel closer to warmer days. Say bye bye to the mate lipsticks and to the thick eyebrows. Spring is all about florals, pastels and glow. If you live in Paris you might have to wait till late March to be able to get rid off your coat, but you can start applying these makeup tricks!

  1. Au Naturel 

Say hello to BB creams and goodbye to thick foundations. Spring is a good season for letting your skin breath after the cold winter and natural looks or makeup/no makeup are back again.



2. Shine bright like a diamond

Yes, highlighters are here to stay and spring is not the exception. Bring out your glossy makeup out and make your skin look like a diamond in the sky. The trick is to have your skin moisturized. Get the perfect glow to highlight cheekbones, lips and eyelids.



3. Orange is the new black

Netflix fan? This can be your favourite trend. Orange is here to brighten up spring! You can use the tone that goes best with your skin colour. This suits every type of eye colour so don’t be shy and give it a try!


Feel the sunny days closer to you by wearing theses trends and show through makeup how warm you feel in these winter days.



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