Vegan Highlighter

Yes finally we have the top 3 highlighter of the market. If you are obsess with glow this post is for you. And all three are approved for PETA. We have try them all and is the same effect and quality as non vegan with the cruelty free plus!



1. Feeling Younger by Lush is a different kind of highlighter, in that it offers the benefits of a skin-soothing moisturizer, rather than just a makeup product. Touted as a “skin tint,” Feeling Younger reflects light in order to give the skin a radiant appearance. At about $20, this highly rated product offers great value.

2.Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette is the ideal highlighter playground for the more daring and dramatic beauty lover. You can combine the four shimmery pastel powder shades to create a multifaceted glow or use them separately.

3. 100% Pure Luminating Créme is a creamy highlighter that will give your skin an incandescent glow. Its convenient creamy formula and soft applicator make it simple to apply. You can choose from one of three dreamy shades, which retail for $25 each.



Credits: PETA



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