Gucci #MFW2017​

The Italian capital of fashion was the venue for Gucci’s show. As always, or at least for the past collections was such a fun show!

According to Vogue: Each outfit, sans models, was an exhibition in itself, with its own decorated box for shoes, bags, and jewelry standing at the ready. The boxes themselves were printed with Dutch Old Master pictures of parrot tulips cascading from vases, with iPhone charger leads Photoshopped in. On the sides were hand-scrawled words written by the artist Coco Capitán: “What will we do with all this future,’’ read one phrase. Around a corner was a poly board pinned with photographs of the tribe of unconventional-looking young people who had come together to wear the outfits—geeky boys, girls with shaved heads, and wildly flicked and structured ’80s hairdos, various glasses-wearers. The cast of Michele’s “real” types has succeeded in rebooting the fortunes of Gucci. “I don’t care about models; I care about faces!” he declared. “It’s like, a way to show humanity. It’s funny, I think the era of ‘models’ is ended.”

Alessandro is such a genius is what Gucci needed it!


To see the street style of the show click on the pic!



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