Decor for your office space

Our desk, cubicle or office should reflect our personality and character. In addition, they provide the idea of the type and quality of work that the individual wants to reflect. The photos are common as are organizers and post its. Depending on the sector of work you can take liberties when it comes to decorating or making it more welcoming.



The flowers give a touch of color that gives life and also as they do not last long, you can play with colors. Having little touches of accessories such as fun or colorful telephones or tools like staplers and lamps can create a personalized and welcoming space. The famous cork or magnet boards are a good decorative and functional tool, mix their usefulness and achieve the balassa between work and style.

If you have a bigger space, you have more to play with. Remember that you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk (hopefully not). Having a comfortable and pleasant chair can help, in addition, if you are allowed to choose your desk tries to be a light color, will help you with ideas. The important thing is that your work place you like and be enjoyable. There are millions of designer stores that sell rare items that help you reflect your personality.

Xx Greenery Team


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