Transform your Home

The trends of interiorism are being mediated along with the trends in fashion. Your home is an extension of your outfit and for this, it has to be a reflection of your personality.

More and more traditional style is left aside, materials and colors come out. With so many products available at all costs, it is easier to copy the style that for decades have imposed fashion.

The floors are the newest trend. It’s time we return to the past, always with a chic touch. Tiles that evoke the Mediterranean no matter where in the world they are.

The Wallpaper and the carpets are the center of the looks. Daring to combine prints is the key to making a cozy place. The pastel colors are the walls are seen more and the carpets with bright colors make the wood floors stand out.

Let the materials speak for themselves and naturally. The rustic in large spaces shines the finishes. The brick, cement and beams are a touch that although it seems cold, the accessories can make it warm.

The  concrete trend  is amazing and chic  we leave you this link with examples.

And one of  our Pinterest boards for home inspiration.

Xx Greenery Team


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