Welcome to Greenery a blog dedicated to setting up a better life without losing style on the way. It was created to bring and share the most recent content regarding a green lifestyle.

Together we can create a community based on tips and advices meanly focus on fashion for a sustainable stylish way of living. You don’t need to be vegan, vegetarian or ambientalist¬†for reading it everyone is welcome to join and reviewing each post.

So this is a new way of sharing a mentality that should affect other. Respect and positivity are always welcome.

Enjoy and make sure you leave a comment its important to us see you point of view in order to make us better!

Have fun



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  1. hello to you too! Who is your “team”? Did you know you can make your post page or your about page your home page? That way a visitor does not have to click back and forth; just a suggestion.


  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and following!! I am looking forward to your future posts as well:)


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